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Hair care tips to encourage healthy hair and avoid hair loss

Professional hair care and hair tips to help you achieve that "Just stepped out of the Salon Look' every day!

Well styled, beautifully conditioned healthy hair is one of our greatest beauty assets. Unfortunately, our hair may become damaged due to the lack of time we have to spend on ourselves and the effects of environmental and lifestyle hazards. When our hair is unhealthy it is more susceptible to be frizzy, it looks dull, feels dry with a rough texture and it tends to break due to a lack of elasticity. Our Stylists are trained to test the condition of your hair to determine whether or not your hair is healthy or damaged and to recommend what your hair needs to revitalise it. The following tips will help you get maximum value from your Hair Salon service and will give you confidence in styling and maintaining your hairstyle so you look and feel great every day We offer a comprehensive range of professional products (including natural and organic hair care products ) designed with the modern woman in mind, they're fast, friendly and easy to use. Our Stylists are trained to recommend products suitable for your hair type and lifestyle.

Care for your hair colouring

You receive a complimentary conditioning treatment either before or after your professional hair colour this will lock in your colour and leave your hair feeling and looking like silk. Do not wash your hair for 48 hrs after having your colour, this also helps to lock in your colour and eliminates early colour fadage. To prolong the life of your colour we strongly advise using a Salon Shampoo, Conditioner and styling products . These are designed to work in conjunction with your colour to achieve maximum life for your colour and provide ultimate condition for your hair.

Perm Care

Do not wash your hair for 24 hours after your perm, this helps with the condition of your hair after your perm. Never brush your hair when it is permed, always use a wide tooth comb and always comb your hair when it is damp. When blow waving permed hair we recommend using a diffuser at the end of your hair dryer. A diffuser dries the hair without blowing it around which stops it from drying fluffy and looking dry. We strongly recommend using a salon shampoo and conditioner to enhance the life of your perm We have a comprehensive range of styling products designed to help you achieve best results for your perm every day.

General Hair Care

    We recommend the following:-

  • Regular 6-8 weekly trims to remove dry, dead ends which help bounce up perm and refresh colour.
  • After shampooing and before applying conditioner, gently blot your hair with a towel to remove excess water. This helps the conditioner to penetrate your hair and prevents it slipping off down the plug hole.
  • Handle wet hair gently, blot it dry gently rather than rubbing with the towel. Detangle long hair with your fingers and then use a wide tooth comb.
  • Use heat protector products when styling your hair with heat.
  • Regular Deep Conditioning treatments keeps your hair in ultimate condition.
  • For swimmers or those who have copper pipes, using deep cleansing shampoos will protect hair from chlorine and discolouration from copper and other impurities
  • To protect your hair from damage caused by harsh sun and wind, we recommend using hair care products containing sun screen to prevent damage and colour loss.
  • Brushing your hair regularly with a good hair brush cleanses and polishes the hair and stimulates the scalp. Brushing is also a wonderful conditioning treatment as it distributes oil to the hair and gets rid of scaly particles.
  • Your overall health is reflected in your hair, a combination of healthy nutrition, regular exercise and good everyday hair care will help you look and feel like a million dollars!
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Email Us

We trust you find these tips helpful and invite you to email us with other problems you may have with your hair or for further information on products we have available info@absolut.co.nz

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